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Cloud walk Retreat was created when we experienced people of many chosen life paths being at the effect of societal stresses. We realized there were few facilities available to assist in reducing stress. We also noticed through recent scientific studies that people attain greater stress reduction when in the serenity of nature. Cloud Walk Retreat will provide a natural setting, peace & quiet of a rural mountain, ability to interact with wildlife in a pristine environment and healing opportunities for individuals and groups.

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Energy Healings

We are all made of energy and light. Tapping into one's auric field allows one to assist in balancing the chakra's, and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritural bodies. This will raise the frequencies of the person allowing healing to take place where needed. All healing comes from source through the energy healer to the person requesting the energy healing. It is a non invasive way to release tension, address isssues and experience total relaxation.

Emotional Clearing

A scanning technique is used to identify stored emotions we may not be aware of. Affirmations and use of oils release the stored emotions allowing the person to heal and move on with their lives. Very helpful in todays hectic world.

Past Life Regressions

Past life regressions: I do regressions and have gone forward to futures lives as well. This is the time to awaken to who we were so that we do not repeat the past. We can learn from our past to improve our futures. Sometimes aches and pains are left from a past life. If recognized the pain can be released in this life. Always a relaxing experience.

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Essential oils have been around since biblical times and before. They are natures answer to alternative choices for healing, personal care, beauty and home cleaning products. The frequency of the oils help raise the body's vibrations facilating well being and healing.

I am sharing the oils to help promote
Cloudwalk Retreat and its beauty of natural
surroundings in nature

Essential Oils

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